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4 July

Sometimes — no, everyday, I wonder how I ended up with my girlfriend.

I don’t wonder why I love her nor vice versa, nor do I wonder about how I asked her out, but rather how the circumstances came to this point where we have been together in this relationship for more than one year and three months.

Cahya has an amazing personality — a statement which I believe everyone who knows her would agree. She is rather manipulative in a way, and you’d be doomed if you see her mad at you, but her character shines bright like a diamond. Her eyes are always with gleaming with passion, and her depictions of her dreams are a mixture of hipster interests and knowledge of Indonesian museums beyond what Wikipedia and the Kemdikbud website can offer — she definitely knows what she likes.

She’s a great listener, but I’d rather call her a great consultant. For anything going on in your life, personal or professional, significant or minute, she will listen to you with great concern and give advice that is not only constructive, to-the-point, practical, and oh-gee-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that insightful, but also sweet. More often than not, even if nothing is happening to you, she’d care about you.

She’s knowledgeable and she learns faster than a horse could say ‘sheep’. Then again, horses can’t talk, but she learns really fast nonetheless.

She’s an amazing friend to have — if she’s added yourself on Facebook, consider yourself blessed.

And boy am I proud to have served in her friendzone.

Of course I’ve left the friendzone and become a boyfriend. Boy that previous sentence sounded lame. But lame was everything the relationship wasn’t.

(Then again that sentence is kind of lame, but let’s carry on)

One year, three months, and a couple of hours might not have a ring to it, but I have been, and will always be grateful for every second I share my life with her.

I am grateful for looking into those gleaming, passionate eyes of hers up close, closer than most. They’re really big eyes, by the way. Kalo baru bangun kadang-kadang belekan.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to forge a smile on her beautiful face. Including the times when I humiliated myself — I swear, I did not do those things intentionally.

I’m grateful for her sharing a picture of a cute baby wearing a onesie sleeping with a kitten. IT’S SO CUTE RIGHT.

I’m grateful for the decisions we’ve made together — especially how we stopped by every corner with a Starbucks to get free wi-fi back then.

I’m grateful for the universe conspiring to forge us into the human beings we are now today. (Agak hipster dikit boleh lah ya.)


I may not be able to write as good as some lovers (I think you know who I mean), but as Forrest Gump once said:

I love you, Cahya!

(Note: Forrest Gump never loved Cahya. I do.)

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