Hello, my name is Andhika Nugraha, and this blog is a bliss for my egocentric abyss.

Hello from Singapore!

So today would mark my third week interning at Microsoft, which for the next four weeks would be in Singapore! I’m staying at this really nice apartment at Tiong Bahru which is around 15 mins from work at One Marina Boulevard. This would be my third visit to Singapore in my lifetime and my first time actually living in — not just travelling to — another country on my own (well I have internmates but I’ll be away from my parents) so I’m really looking forward to the next 25 days here.

Now then, why did I post a video about Bandung? It wasn’t much about my missing home, but more about the video itself. I love it. So much. The cinematography is really, really, nice, but I especially love the hosts and how together the video makes up for a really, really nice vibe which I would summarize into one word: passion.

Right, the P word. I must say I didn’t expect having the urge to write on my blog again after so long, let alone write about a topic as cliche as the P word, after clicking on Deby’s (my sister-in-rancangan-undang-undang, naon) share on Facebook. But here I go.

So for the past two weeks I’ve been interning at one of the world’s most influential companies. Whether you like Windows 8 or not, Microsoft is truly one of the best companies to work at. The corporate culture is awesome, and there’s a ton of really cool, nice, and fun people there. Including my boss.

But no matter how awesome it is, it’s still work, and it’s also a new environment for me, which takes getting used to. Eventually, at the end of last week, the pressure sort of built up and became the J-word: jenuh.

(Ini apa sih pake P-word J-word segala wkwk)

So I spent Thursday and Friday crossing out my to-do list, getting long-overdue things done, then I packed on Saturday and spent today exploring Marina Bay and watching HBO.

And then I saw the video.

The video remided me of how fun it was to essentially be super nggak jelas, but also at the same time how being super nggak jelas can coexist with being independent, self-reliant, determined, and in a general sense, cool.

Now then again I have no idea how I ended up with that conclusion, but I am now genuinely thank you to the Jalan-Jalan Men team. Great work, guys!

Kemudian mau titip salam terdahsyat untuk pacar gue yang baru pulang dari Hong Kong mewakili Indonesia at the regional finals of the HSBC Business Case Competition! You rock and I miss you. #tetiba

Selamat malam! (as in the Malay way of saying it, since I’m in Singapore and Malay is one of the official languages here. Oh never mind.)