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Meet Cahya’s eyes.

When she talks, they gleam with the adorable curiosity of a ten-year old. And since our eyes don’t grow, you can expect them to stay that way.

More often than not though, you’ll find them with a cold, serious, commandeering look. Don’t worry though, that’s just their default state. You won’t turn into stone or anything.

When she’s hungry, they turn to the vicious eyes of a hungry hawk. Unless you can get her the exact thing that she wants at that very moment (give or take 30 minutes), you’re as good as prey.

When she pouts (and her eyes go all pouty and all (is pouty even a word?)) you can’t help but do what she asks you to do. (the same thing applies when she’s mad)

These are eyes of conviction. If you’re lucky enough to be working with her, you will feel confident that she will do nothing but her best.

If you don’t see them long enough, one gaze is enough to make you salting (menggaram).

I can actually go on and on talking about her eyes, but I guess it’ll sound freaky. Like, psychopathically freaky.

So, in lack of a better ending: I love these eyes. (so much for not sounding freaky)

((( honest trailers stare scenes montage )))


TL;DR This hacker spent some time at the UN. Turns out their stack is as old as government itself.

"I started coding because my Neopets guild needed a web page and there was no one who knew how to code, go figure. I built all of their websites in really dinky HTML, CSS, and PHP. It was an exciting time on the Internet. I met someone who learned to code building Sailor Moon fan sites. Nerds, right?

I worked at the UN briefly for two years and oh my god - everything is so old there, like their processes are ancient. Their events person was sending out emails by hand; manually, one by one to thousands of people, like thousands of people. Imagine an event hosted by the UN. Imagine how many people are invited to that. I told her, ‘It’s called MailChimp. It will change your life.’”

Cathy is currently hacking on Wikitongues and leads software product at Coalition. She will be featured in the Wall Street Journal’s upcoming documentary about women in technology, and she has a knack for modernizing companies’ outdated technology stacks.

Wikitongues | Coalition

SHE STARTED OUT CODING BECAUSE OF NEOPETS! More than a decade ago it was also Neopets that drove me to learn to code, but it wasn’t because of my Neopets guild. You see, back then Neopets had a feature called PetPages, where each Neopet you own can have a single web page to call its own. I filled mine with a lot of cheesy CSS and Javascript (back then they called it DHTML!) tricks, like IE-only colour filters and snowfall. Oh and blinking text and marquees as well, of course.

My girlfriend hates microwaves.

She complains how when she defrosts chicken using it, part of the chicken becomes cooked which she thinks its gross.

She complains how the same chicken, because of the microwave, becomes wet and causes all the oil to pop up and splash everywhere.

She disagrees with any thought of heating food with the microwave. I tried heating up spring rolls in the microwave, and she blamed the soggy filling on the microwave.

The water heating jug-thing (what do you call those?) in my house is broken, so when she had a cough I offered her warm water which I had warmed using my microwave.

She refused. Because of the microwave.

For the past three weeks, we’ve been living 2 minutes apart. We’ve ate most of our meals together, most of which we’ve also cooked together. We’ve shopped together, weightlifting with kilograms of groceries afterwards. We’ve never succeeded to fulfill our promise of jogging in the morning, but we have played badminton and agreed that doing sports together improves our bonding.

The past three weeks have given me time to notice the littlest of things.

Like how she hates bread when it’s not toasted.

Like the amount of nutella she likes to have on her bread (hint: not much)

Like how she doesn’t drink fresh milk without cereal.

Like the proportion of salt and pepper she likes to have on her chips.

Like how she never peels potatoes before using them.

Like how she jumps back when oil splashes from the pan.

LIke how she folds her sajadah.

Like the same way she opens the kitchen door everytime I come knocking.

Like, well, a lot of other, more miniscule things, really.

The past three weeks have shown me that we have a lot of fundamental differences that neither of us are willing to put aside (such as microwaves).

But in between those differences, in between the sauteed broccoli and fruit pastilles, every day I am faced with the ultimate truth:

My love for her can only grow stronger <3

Doubt of Faith

Adult Pi Patel: Faith is a house with many rooms.

Writer: But no room for doubt?

Adult Pi Patel: Oh plenty, on every floor. Doubt is useful, it keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it is tested.

D: You know, if you were to be able to dance, cook, speak French, and talk in English with a British accent, that'd definitely be wife material.

C: No, that'd be overkill.

Meet Cahya.


I miss her.

I tried coming up with something more poetic, but due to lack of reading anything else besides Javascript, C# and HTML lately I utterly fail.

Oh hang on, that gave me an idea:


Or more precisely:

    function() {
        return Cahya.isIn(UK)
    function(cb) {
        I.miss(Cahya) = 'weird'
    function() {

…alright, perhaps I’ve been coding a bit too much lately.


We are like a strand of DNA.

If you take a 2-dimensional picture of a DNA from above, that would illustrate how we are. We’re close, but a lot of the time we have our share of quarrels but that’s part of the fun, right?

(Although technically it would appear more like the graph of a wave and not a strand of DNA and the wave would be irregular, but you get the point.)

And just like DNA, we have a blueprint of what’s coming up next. (You know, like, the genetic code.)

(Come to think of it, that’s rather irrelevant.)

Oh well. I make corny analogies and I suck at biology, but today marks 17 months of me being with Cahya, and I love her very much.

(And she’s pretty good at biology!)

On blind maps vs cetaceans

(Cahya and Gici are looking at a map of Europe. Cahya is testing Gici's geography knowledge)